SEPTEMBER 26, 2020

Adult Programming - Please note that all library programming will be taking place online until further notice.

30 minutes prior to every program, we will post the link to enter the program on our Facebook page.

Magic the Gathering Game Night  

Magic the Gathering Game Night

Friday September 4, 18, and 25 @ 

Tired of playing all your Magic the Gathering games against your pets? Do you need some fresh opponents who don't already know all of your tricks? Join us on Fridays from 7pm - 9pm on the Edgartown Library's Magic the Gathering Discord server. Meet new and old friends alike on the battlefield as we play all manner of formats and competitive levels. Players of all ages are welcome to join.

Follow this link to join the server and start having fun.

Restorative Yoga Class  

Restorative Yoga Class

Sundays: September 6, 13, 20, and 27
@ 9am

Certified yoga teacher Jelisa Difo leads a weekly online class in Restorative Yoga, a practice that allows you to slow down, restore and relax your body through passive stretching. During the long holds of restful poses, your muscles are allowed to release tension and welcome deep relaxation into the body and mind. No experience or flexibility required.

Send an email to programs@edgartownlibrary.org to register and we'll send you a link to the class.

This program has been generously funded by the Friends of the Edgartown Free Public Library.

Movie in Focus:  Film Discussion Group  

Movie in Focus: Film Discussion Group

The Conformist (Italy, 1970)
Monday, September 28 @ 11a

Miss the Edgartown Library movie series? Until the day comes when we can enjoy films together again on the library’s big screen, we’re having a monthly virtual film group. View our movie of the month (free on Kanopy or Hoopla) and we’ll meet to discuss it, via Zoom. You’ll have time to watch the film at least once before we meet. Bring your impressions, opinions, and a snack! Virginia Munro will choose the films and facilitate the group.

Director Bernardo Bertolucci’s knotty, expressionistic masterpiece The Conformist combines powerful storytelling, audacious ideas, and gorgeous cinematography by Vittorio Storaro. Set in Italy in the 1930s, the film stars Jean-Louis Trintignant as an emotionally troubled aristocrat who will do anything to fit in. Wanting to be accepted by Italy’s ruling fascists, he accepts an order to travel to Paris to kill his former mentor, an anti-fascist college professor. The supporting cast includes Dominique Sanda, Gastone Moschin, and Stefania Sandrelli. The film’s far-reaching influence can be seen in the work of directors as disparate as Scorcese, Speilberg, and Coppola. Please note, this film is for adults: Contains nudity and scenes of violence.

This movie is available to stream for free on Kanopy.

To join our discussion, email us at programs@edgartownlibrary.org for a link. 
Why Not the Key of C? A Lecture with Music by Adele Dreyer  

Why Not the Key of C? A Lecture with Music by Adele Dreyer

Tuesday, September 29 @ 7pm

Why do composers write in fancy keys with sharps and flats? Wouldn't it be easier for everyone, including the musicians, to write all music in the key of C (no black keys required)? Perhaps there's a practical reason. Perhaps it's the limits of the instruments themselves. And what about the composer's mood? Why, for example, did Beethoven write his 6th symphony in the Key of F? Why is it called the “Pastoral” symphony? Are emotions involved with the choice of key?

Pianist and educator Adele Dreyer will consider all of these questions in her talk, “Why Not the Key of C?” There are twelve different "keys," and she will play pieces in every single one of them to illustrate the answers.

Join us for this tuneful musical education by requesting the link at programs@edgartownlibrary.org

Library Blogs  

Library Blogs

Our staff have been getting creative and started 2 new blogs for you to follow along with.

Trash Panda's Quarantine Food Blog
Feast your eyes on Library Assistant Chris Look's many meal creations on his new food blog. Follow his alter ego, Trash Panda, as he spruces up leftovers, digs all the way to the back of his fridge and cabinets, and talks at length about how much he loves eating. Explore techniques for using what you have on hand to create tasty and fulfilling dishes at home.

Check out his blog at trashpandaepl.wordpress.com

Feeling overwhelmed and don't know what to cook with what you've got? Send Trash Panda a list of ingredients or a picture of your fridge or cupboards, and get personalized advice on creating something delicious. Email him at trashpandaepl@gmail.com with all of your food questions.

Have Library Card, Will Travel
Join Library Assistant Kerith as she looks through photo albums and recalls her adventures around the world. She'll be listing books, movies, music, and other resources that remind her of those places, and all of these materials are available to you with your CLAMS card!

Join Kerith on her travels at https://sites.google.com/view/eplblog/home



Illustration from the book, The Wednesday Surprise, by Edgartown artist Donald Carrick (1929-1989). Watercolor on paper, 9 by 18.5 inches.
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