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Please note, the library will be closed on Saturday, January 29th due to weather.

Board of Trustees

Edgartown Library Board of Trustees

Denise Searle, Co-chair (2023)
Justine Shemeth DeOliveira, Co-chair (2022)
Nis Kildegaard, Secretary (2024)
Olga Maranjian Church (2022)
David Faber (2023)
Julie Lively (2024)

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 3:00pm via Zoom, unless otherwise noted. Please contact the library for the Zoom link.

Note: Edgartown Library Trustees, like approximately half their counterparts across the state, are elected directly and hold three-year terms. Boards of trustees set general policies for administration and operation, acting as an agent of public trust governing the library. The trustees and library director work together as partners. Trustee responsibilities are generally divided into six major categories: Legal, human resources, planning and evaluation, governance and policy-making, financial and continuing education. The Trustees meet in open sessions which are publicly posted at the town hall.

Trustee Meeting Minutes

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